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Nick Compise is an incredible keynote speaker and coach who will change your life by giving you the essential skills to achieve success. His programs are a tour de force! People have turned to Nick because of his talents to teach them how to reach their highest potential. His programs are empowering, motivating and fun! Nick is well trained in human behavior with 16 years of experience. One of his greatest talents is teaching with 23 years of experience. Nick really excels at relating the information to his clients so that they can immediately retain it. Now, it’s your turn! Learn the skills from the most powerful programs offered to greatly improve both your professional and personal lives. These are lifetime skills that can be applied anywhere in the World and the return on your investment is incredible! 



Reading Body

This program teaches you how to read body language. What is body language? Body language is the postures, reactions and gestures we make that are connected to our inner thoughts. Knowing how to read nonverbal tells can give you a great advantage into understanding someone in each moment. Imagine being able to observe people and pick up on an emotion they are experiencing without them saying a word. The skill set that you will learn can also be used to make you a better communicator and likable person.


Having the proper mindset and knowing how to effectively sell are key to achieving success. To do this, you must persuade yourself and others to act. Nick will give you tools to change your mindset to make you, your company, and or organization reach the highest potential. You will learn about powerful mind traps that block us, how to counter them and become laser focused on your goals. You will also learn techniques to influence people to increase your chances of getting them to say YES! Most people lack the essential knowledge to succeed and with this program that will all change. Once you learn these techniques it will give you a tremendous advantage in life.

Detecting Deceptive Language

This program teaches you how to detect deceptive language. There are different tactics that someone will use to deceive you and by being able to recognize these tactics, it will put you at a great advantage when dealing with people. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your personal or professional life, people will try to manipulate you to do something or believe something. Now with the skill set you will be taught, you will be psychologically prepared to counter any tactics that are being used on you and discover the truth.


Individual & Group Sessions

The perfect solution for individuals or groups, who really want to become great at these skills, is to be coached by Nick. This way of learning is popular and appealing because you get to learn at your own pace throughout the sessions. Mastering something does not take place overnight. While this does require extra commitment on your part, it is worth it to learn these lifetime skills. The process involves being trained in the program(s) of your choice and making sure you are applying what you learned correctly to specific situations in your life. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn incredible skills that will transform your life.

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Build a great rapport with people

Become more successful at selecting the right candidate


Improve sales

Be able to determine if people are being honest

Reach your vision of success

Become of more powerful negotiator 

Corporate Events

Companies have turned to Nick to learn these amazing skills to help them become powerful negotiators, improve company sales, develop better relationships with clients, hire the best candidates for positions in their company and so on. Nick’s speaking programs are a must have for conferences, workshops, executives, company teams/departments, networking events, city chamber meetings, etc. Make your event one your guests will never forget!


Organization Events

When organizations are looking for a keynote speaker to give them an extraordinary set of skills that they can use to help others and keep communities safer, they turn to Nick Compise! His speaking programs are perfect for organizations such as law enforcement, speaking/professional development, news/media, nonprofit organizations, etc. Make your event an incredible experience!

College Events

When colleges are looking for a keynote speaker that will provide great value, they turn to Nick Compise. What they will learn in Nick’s programs will vastly improve communication and teamwork skills. Students are at the stage in life where they are creating new relationships and about to embark on their careers. These lifetime skills will give students a great advantage by setting them up for success with all areas of their lives!



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